Hair loss can affect anyone, no matter the age or gender, which is perfectly normal if the hair strands are being replaced. However, it becomes a concern if the hair falls off without growing back, which means there is a need to worry.

Following are the key causes of hair loss:

–  Abnormal levels of hormones such as androgen’s may lead to hair loss.
–  Another key cause of hair loss is stress and illness. The receding airline may be caused by certain levels of stress and illnesses such as cancer and other fungal infections.
–  In cancer, the main causative may be administered drugs used in a patient’s chemotherapy treatment. Other drugs that may lead to hair loss may include blood pressure pills and birth control pills. These drugs may lead to temporary or more resilient hair loss.
–  Burns and injuries from accidents are another key cause of hair loss. However, the effects of hair loss from accidental injuries may be temporary.
–  Many cosmetic hairstyles such as shampooing, dying or coloring and bleaching could lead to thinning of hair and eventually receding hair line due to hair loss.

There are a couple of mitigating controls against loss of hair. The first step is basically maintaining a standard hygiene. Another key aspect is ensuring you adhere to good nutritional practices. The best way of approaching and resolving loss of hair is looking at the potential root cause. In this case, a remedy on the cause will correct the underlying problem. The treatments on offer include surgical and non surgical. The unprecedented loss of hair may call for performance of a non surgical procedure to ensure that one gets their receding line.

It would be best to visit a specialist or medical doctor and request for an audience on hair loss.