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Hair Loss in Men and Women, and Treatment Options Available

There is a wide array of hair loss causes both in men and women, and this is why it is crucial that both parties are aware of the treatment options available. Apart from the usual causes of hair loss such as poor diet, poor sleeping patterns and lack of...

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Measures You Can Take to Prevent Hair Loss

The basics of hair loss prevention are closely tied to understanding the growth cycle of hair as well as what causes it to fall, armed with this information, you will find that it is indeed possible to prevent hair loss. One of the common causes of hair...

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Why Am I Losing Hair!?? The Reasons Behind Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect anyone, no matter the age or gender, which is perfectly normal if the hair strands are being replaced. However, it becomes a concern if the hair falls off without growing back, which means there is a need to worry.Following are the key...

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How to Prevent Hair Loss

Always be careful with your hair. No one can be sure that he/she can avoid hair loss caused by issues that are uncontrollable or that is programmed genetically. Nevertheless, you can try to your best level at every stage to provide it with the best...

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Discover Hair Loss and Its Treatment

It is perfectly normal if you lose 50-100 hair strands daily but if this count kept on increasing then its really a matter of great concern that must be paid attention. Hair loss is common in both men and women and starts mostly at the age of 30s and can...

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