The basics of hair loss prevention are closely tied to understanding the growth cycle of hair as well as what causes it to fall, armed with this information, you will find that it is indeed possible to prevent hair loss. One of the common causes of hair loss in men is a condition that is known as androgenetic alopecia. It is also referred to as male pattern baldness, and occurs in many people. The condition is triggered by increased concentration of the male hormone known as testosterone. This form of hair loss is linked to oversensitivity of the body to the enzyme that is required for the breakdown of the testosterone, in effect leading to hair loss.

One of the hair loss prevention strategies that are aptly placed for this form of hair loss involves the use of medical intervention that seeks to reduce the sensitivity of this hormone. Surgical intervention has also been sought as a handy method for this form of balding in men. This avoided the whole idea of affected persons having to go for gradual balding or inferior covering products in an effort to prevent hair loss.

Other ways of preventing hair loss include the use of certain herbs which have been shown to have a profound effect on the cycle of hair growth. Some of the herbs include palmetto, horsetail, nettle plant as well as rosemary. The beauty about these herbs is that they are as natural as they come, so you need not worry about the inclusion of artificial ingredients. That said, you would have to appreciate the fact that not all the herbs can be used in their native forms, and some will require preparation methods before you can use them on your scalp.

Other methods of hair loss prevention include proper diet. Eat healthy balanced foods so that your follicles get adequate supplies of the much needed nutrients to ensure healthy hair. Get enough rest as well as this ensures that there is sufficient blood flow to the scalp. While exercise may not out rightly seem as a viable method, it is in fact one of the simplest methods to ensure that you have minimal hair loss. When you exercise, you stimulate proper blood flow to the different parts of the body, the scalp included. In the same breath, lead an active lifestyle.

Remember that your overall health has a great impact on your hair, so diet, exercise and supplements will all help in your best efforts to prevent hair loss. In extreme cases, you would have to see a hair/skin specialist (a dermatologist) who will give a medical approach to the whole situation seeing as there are many different causes of hair loss, each which is unique to the individual.