Always be careful with your hair. No one can be sure that he/she can avoid hair loss caused by issues that are uncontrollable or that is programmed genetically. Nevertheless, you can try to your best level at every stage to provide it with the best opportunity of remaining in good condition and not running away from your head as soon as it needs to. There are many things you can apply in order to keep you hair safe and in good shape:

Avoid drier procedures and constant heating

Heat diminishes proteins of the hair; in spite of the good results like shining and softness, drying and constant heating can result in fragility and brittleness that makes your hair disappear that would not have taken place otherwise. Use hair dryers, hot brushes, hot curlers, hair fasteners, chemical treatments and hair straighteners minimally, and you will have a lasting hair. Also, be careful of the place you place those heated tools; scalps that are burned can injure hair follicles permanently! Conclusively, you should use natural drying method as it is perfect for your hair.

Avoid dyeing your hair regularly

Don’t dye your hair a number of times than 6 to 8 weeks and go for semi-coverage other than whole dyeing.

Style your hair with care

A number of hair styles that need elastics, tight pulling and clips can be a good reason of loosing your hair if done daily. For instance, braiding tightly, tight ponytails, plaits, and corn-rows, can result in severe hair loss when done on a regular basis. Rolling hair onto rollers tightly, more so rollers that are heated, is as well one of the causes of hair loss.

Refrain from layering cuts that cause much of your hair to be lost. If you’re going through hair loss right now, don’t worsen it by letting your hair stylist plug out more hair!