It is perfectly normal if you lose 50-100 hair strands daily but if this count kept on increasing then its really a matter of great concern that must be paid attention. Hair loss is common in both men and women and starts mostly at the age of 30s and can cause anxiety with each passing year. For some people hair thinning or hair loss happens suddenly or gradually. Also the types are temporary and permanent for different people.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Some of the commonly observed signs and symptoms of hair loss include gradual thinning on top/center of head, circular or patchy baldness spots, loss of hair due to sudden physical or emotional shock and full body hair loss as a side-effect of some medical treatment.

Causes Behind Hair Loss

There are several reasons to make your hair fall such as extreme physical/mental stress, over styling, aging, Insufficient Proteins, Excessive intake of Vitamin A, Heredity, Anemia, Vitamin B deficiency, Over active immune system, dramatic weight loss, chemotherapy, use of antidepressants and blood thinners and many others. All these reasons work out in a similar manner for both male and female except the pregnancy factor which causes temporary hair loss to females only.

Remedies to Stop Hair Falling

Hair loss can be treated both medically and naturally either to slow down or stop hair falling. Medical treatments include the usage of medications or surgical procedures including scalp reduction and hair transplants. Homemade natural procedures incorporates hair packs made from natural ingredients as well as cautions at home such as eating balanced diet, avoiding tight hairstyles and compulsively twisting and pulling your hair.

Some alternative ways other than medical and natural could be wearing wigs and hair pieces which provide urgent solution to your baldness or hair loss.