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Has Your Business Gone Online?


Everyday, every second, someone is buying one or more products / services in Singapore.

Someone right now may be looking for your product/service.

We all know how everything is changing and more and more people now shop solely online. It is no surprise more and more businesses locally, i.e. in Singapore, are moving towards the Internet to get a piece of the action.

Some have even invested in e-commerce solutions to sell their products / services on a wider basis.

However, what was happening all too often was that local offline businesses were paying huge fees to build these sparkling websites, launching them online and not seeing any sales.


They Wanted To Build a ‘Web Business’
But Ended Up Building
ONLY a ‘Business Web’.


Having a business website is NOT the same as having a WEB BUSINESS.

Local business owners that expand their business online to try and sell products suddenly realise it isn’t easy and actually making sales is hard.

There are many reasons a website is not selling (or not ‘converting’ as in Internet Marketing term), but the No.1 killer is ALWAYS…


Without traffic, you will not sell anything! TRAFFIC IS KING!

Again, there are many ways a website can have traffic and very often, local businesses are paying loads of money trusting Internet Marketing experts or SEO services companies to bring traffic to their website.

Some worked. Most not.



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